Get started with CTHIVE

Quickly and easily get started with your own e-commerce website that imports your listings from Etsy and stores them on your own domain and hosted website ensuring your own autonomy from Etsy!

April 2023 Update: Progress has been moving swiftly and will be releasing example screenshots over the next few weeks, stay tuned!

Software As A Service

CTHIVE is Software As A Service. For a low monthly fee you can now host your own e-commerce store and import your listings from Etsy so that your listings are independent from the Etsy platform and available on your own website and domain name.

Pricing plans may change as we work on the development, our primary goal is to make it affordable for everyone who wishes to run their own e-commerce website without complicated online systems.

We are building this for our own business and will be releasing it at the same time as software as a service for others to enjoy.


The portal is where shopkeepers manage their online account.

From managing your shop to managing your listings the CTHIVE Portal is your online dashboard that makes selling online easy and fast.

Dashboard Login